Alri Workshop


Alri Workshop, is a handmade leather workshop. The owner, Alvin Wong is also the tutor who teach leather products making. And there are some products for sale which made by him.

Actually I didn’t think the leather can be perfect if it is made by hand before. Because I had saw many made by hand leather product is not a perfect artefact. However Alvin makes perfect products by his hands. Seeing the whole process of productions, this experience let me border my horizon.

During the workshop, I had interviewed him with several questions like what is his viewpoint on vintage fashion, the reason  why he like to make a leather product by hand. And his life story about family and friends who motivate and support him. Also he talked about his aim on developing this store and his future plan.

Alvin thinks that vintage fashion is about memories and old collections of object. It can be valuable to different person. To hand made a product it is incredible to Alvin because every single product is unique and special. The texture, lines and the made-imprint are one and only it would not be possible to ‘copy’ another one. In his future plan, he want to get into a wider market and let the public to know more on leather making.

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